Seasonal Menu

Healthy • Organic • Local • Sustainable • Nutritious • Delicious!

Each season will feature a different Pocket Pie with Supporting Cast menu:

But what is a POCKET PIE?

  • It’s a sandwich-sized hand pie, bigger than an empanada, and smaller than a burrito.
  • It’s filled with chef-inspired, hand-crafted, organic ingredients!
  • It’s a healthy meal on-the-GO!
  • It’s your new addiction!

Baby, It’s HOT Outside!

Summer is upon us! And that means cookouts and bbq!

Your culinary journey continues with The COWBOY Pocket Pie!

Finally, a Cheeseburger that’s good for you!

Grass-Fed Organic Beef, Cheddar Cheese, Hidden Vegetables and Magical Seasonings

all stuffed inside a perfectly-sized, hand-held POCKET PIE!

Check out the Summer menu — Our delicious tribute to the American Southwest!

Options for Vegetarian, Gluten-Free and Low-Carb