Building a Family Business

The birth of the Pocket Pie!

It all started in 2009,  two chefs with the intention of providing an organic meal delivery service to the Greater Denver Area! We established Go Green Gourmet are started creating our brand!

We embraced the opportunity to offer healthy, chef-crafted food to the public, but didn’t know exactly how to implement our deliveries (fresh or frozen meals? different days/times for different neighborhoods? porch or person drop-off? etc.) Mind you, this was still several years before  meal delivery services were established and we had no delivery truck or insulated boxes or really, even a clue!

Then one fateful night, prepping dinner for the family, I got creative with some ground beef and leftover pizza dough, and accidentally developed the foundation of the Pocket Pie!

From that point, we shifted our focus from meal-on-a-plate to meal-in-a-hand pie, creating four unique and delicious flavors, and suddenly, the delivery logistics worked themselves out! Our cliental grew, as did our catering and home-chef services! The pies were a big hit! But, as successful as we were, our growth was stalled by lack of salary-sized profits, and production was tabled for gainful employment.

Covid and the Rebirth!

Fast forward to 2020: Everybody being encouraged to shelter-in-place did not help bolster the restaurant or private chef industries. But, it did offer a tremendous opportunity for thinking outside the box! I went from a private in-home chef to food truck owner in only a few months!

Go Green Gourmet was pulled from the moth balls, dusted off and resurrected in the form of a Restaurant on Wheels, setting the stage for the epic return of the Pocket Pie!

What started as two chefs is now down to one, but operating a food truck does offer certain incentives; one being the employment of my now-teenaged daughter, making this a family business!

As we wrap up our first year as a Food Truck, Pocket Pies are more popular than ever, especially with the addition of signature dipping sauces and themed side dishes (only available on the truck)! We have even started expanding our Pocket Pie offerings with a limited edition Thanksgiving and St. Patty’s Day pie!

Meet your chef

Meet your chef

Dani Zerbib


Born in Israel, Dani migrated to Colorado at the age of five!

A self-trained chef, Dani basically grew up in restaurants, as his father had owned two of them before Dani even started High School.

Before launching a food truck, Dani was working as a private chef-for-hire, providing prepared meals, dinner parties and cooking lessons.

Dani currently resides in Westminster, CO with his wife, two children, two cats and four chickens!

The Pocket Pie!

  • Four Unique Flavors
  • Organic and Natural Ingredients
  • Nutrient Dense and Delicious
  • FAST FOOD for Body, Mind and Soul!

Limited Edition Pies Available while supplies last!

Order Today!

good food. good feelings.

life is too short for average food!




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