Purple Carrot

Private Chef Services


• Small Parties

• Private Dinners

• Special Occasions

Have a private chef prepare a 5-star meal for you and your guests in the comfort of your own home! From 3-6 courses. From 8-20 people. Contact us for a quote.


Below, we have provided a Base Price list.

Optional Signature Cocktail or Charcuterie Board not included.

Special dietary requests may alter pricing.

Children 12 and under are 50% off.

# of Guests 3-Course 4-Course 6-Course
8-12 $59.00 pp $69.00 pp $89.00 pp
13-16 $49.00 pp $59.00 pp $79.00 pp
17-20 $45.00 pp $55.00 pp $75.00 pp

Additional Services

Meal Prep

We offer a variety of meal-prep options to suit your busy lifestyle!

• Warm Box Lunches served directly from our Food Truck!
• Chef-Prepared weekly meals made in your own kitchen!
• Frozen Pocket Pie Packs to store and eat at your leisure!

Get a Custom Quote today, and let us do the cooking!

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